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Newstar Strength

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The advanced CNC lathes, MC, robotic welders, SRB, friction welders, automatic tube processing lines, automatic assembly lines, automatic painting lines and other equipments are the hardware basis of our Newstar quality.



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We have many advanced testing equipments and method like CMM, direct-reading spectrometer, salt spray tester, Vickers, ultrasonic flaw detector, tensile testing machine, chemical analyzer and product quality tracing system which makes our products under the strict quality supervision from the raw material to the finished products.



Tailor-made management software.png

In order to enhance the management level, Newstar has developed CRM, PLM, MES, ERP, OA system and finally integrated them to be Newstar’s IMF(Industry Management Fusion) information control platform according to its own business requirement. It promotes the progress of inside and outside integrity management and supplies the indispensable assistance for the product digital management of the combination of software and hardware.

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Strong technical development team.png

In order to design the applicable products for users, Newstar set up a research and development center with a strong technical development team to meet the different requirements from customers and customize the high efficient, environmentally friendly, high quality products.